Environmental Projects


Schott and Associates provides guidance and assistance in navigating a wide range of project types including residential developments, utility lines, commercial sites, transportation projects and many more. We are located in the Portland Metro area and most of our projects are located in Oregon or Washington but we are proud to provide services ranging throughout the west extending from the Canadian border to Fallbrook, California and east to Idaho and New Mexico.



Avenue E, White City, Oregon

Avenue E was a 5.58 acre study area in White City. The topography was nearly flat but contained several vernal pool depressions. The study area was delineated and a report compiled.


Tax Lot 100 Hermiston, Oregon

The 4.94 acre site was located in Hermiston, Oregon. On-site conditions were disturbed due to a complex filling history. The wetland and fill areas were delineated and flagged in the field. The delineation report, figures and mapping were completed and submitted to DSL for concurrence. The site is currently under review.


Echanis Wind Farm, The Steens Mountains, Harney County, OR.

S&A coordinated with Columbia Energy Partners on the proposed Echanis Wind Farm. Staff conducted fieldwork and prepared a wetland delineation for the 28 mile road to be constructed to build the wind farm. A wetland fill permit was prepared and obtained, including mitigation plans. Additionally, two wetland delineations for two alternative power lines routes (28 and 45 miles long), to tie the project into the grid were prepared. Because the power lines had to cross Federal land an EIS was required. The technical documents regarding wetlands were prepared by S&A. The project has been been stalled due to environmental concerns from the state of Oregon.


SE 172nd Ave., Happy Valley, OR.

The Department of State Lands had issued a cease and desist order on the property for an alleged illegal wetland fill. A forensic wetland delineation was conducted on the areas where there had been filling. S&A determined that most of the filling had been done by a previous property owner except in one area some wood chips had been spread to make a staging area for a corn maze and pumpkin patch. An old farm road had also been improved, and slightly widened, which resulted in a narrow strip of wetland fill. DSL concurred with the forensic delineation. The consent agreement has been signed, and the proposed mitigation plan accepted by DSL.


Drift Creek Irrigation Reservoir, Marion County, Oregon

The East Valley Water District is proposing a 360 acre irrigation reservoir on Drift Creek because the region has become water limited, and irrigation wells have been failing, and the State Water Master has been denying application to drill new wells. The water district has looked at several drainage basins to build a reservoir, and Drift Creek is the third site they have studied. The site is in the foothills of the Cascades. The reservoir footprint included agricultural lands, forest and Christmas tree farms. S&A conduction a delineation of onsite wetlands and waters. In addition, surveys for possible T&E plants species were made during the field work for the delineation. A site visit with the Department of State Lands was attended and concurrence was issued for the delineation.


Alderbrook, Vancouver, Washington

The 12.34 acre site located in Vancouver, Washington was delineated to establish presence or absence of wetlands and sizes within the property boundaries for the purposes of federal, state and local regulations. The Washington State rating System for Western Washington 2014 Update was used to assess wetland functions. A delineation report was prepared and submitted.


Normal Avenue, Ashland, Oregon

S&A conducted a wetland delineation on the 29.15 acre site located in Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon. A wetland delineation report was prepared. Additionally, S&A staff aided in a fish survey conducted by Stillwater Sciences to determine fish presence or absence on the tributary of Bear Creek located on and adjacent to the subject property.


C-Green Farms – Eugene, OR

S&A conducted a delineation of 41 acre property outside of Eugene, OR for development of a marijuana farm. A report was prepared and submitted to DSL. Concurrence was issued by DSL. The majority of the property was determined to be wetland and S&A provided guidance to the property owners regarding allowed use of the site and wetland avoidance in order to eliminate the need for Section 404b wetland fill permit.



Tigard Sewer Upgrade – Tigard, OR

The City of Tigard retained S&A to conduct the environmental assessments and permitting required in the area of a necessary sewer line upgrade currently located within Rock Creek.  A delineation was conducted for several parcels in the surrounding area to determine the best layout for the new line.  A wetland fill permit was applied for and issued by the COE including a restoration plan for all temporary disturbance activity within wetlands and waters.  A natural resource assessment was conducted for Clean Water Services and Service Provider Letter issued including restoration plan for activities within the designated Vegetated Corridor. 


Happy Valley Crossroads – Happy Valley, OR

This project consisted of two delineations, conducted separately and concurred with by DSL.  A natural resource assessment for the City of Happy Valley and Undisturbed Buffer Averaging application for Water Environmental Services (WES) were prepared and permit issued.  A wetland fill permit application was prepared requiring coordination with multiple other consultants to include detailed economic analysis, alternatives analysis as well as wetland functional assessments.  The highest quality wetland onsite was retained and onsite mitigation provided in association with the existing wetland.  Permits were issued and project construction was nearing completion in fall 2016.


Bay Point RV Park – Coos Bay, OR

S&A conducted two wetland delineations and a permit modification for a site adjacent to Coos Bay.  The proposed project consisted of construction of an RV park and modification was required based on ODOT access requirements for the entry road.  As part of the modification the wetland mitigation plan was completely revised to consist of an estuarine wetland creation with connectivity to an onsite tidally influenced waterway.  Delineations were concurred with and modifications were issued to existing authorizations.  A completely new wetland mitigation plan was created to meet DSL and COE requirements.  Construction of the mitigation area was monitored by S&A and the site shall be monitored with reports provided to DSL and the COE for 5 years as required. 


Duckwall Fruit Storage Facility – Odell, OR

Delineation on several properties in Hood River county to identify the most feasible location for expansion of cold storage facilities for a large pear packing company.  The delineation was concurred with and a wetland fill permit is being prepared by S&A including wetland functional assessments, alternative analysis and onsite mitigation plan.


Cedar Landing – Medford, OR

S&A conducted a wetland delineation on an existing golf course for redevelopment to a multiuse commercial/residential development.  The project required filling of existing wetlands and S&A provided guidance regarding avoidance and minimization as well as construction of onsite wetland mitigation.  A wetland fill permit application including wetland functional assessments, alternatives analysis and onsite wetland mitigation plan was submitted and permits were issued.  Mitigation will be monitored and reporting shall be provided as required by DSL and the COE.


Creekside Terrace Residential Development – Beaverton, OR

S&A provided a wetland delineation and natural resource assessment to meet CWS requirements as well as a wetland fill permit application to fill all onsite wetlands for a residential subdivision in Washington County. All permits were obtained.


Stonegate Housing Development, Medford, Oregon.

The Stonegate development was a multiphase project which was started prior to the recession. Due to the recession the project was put on hold, and eventually the undeveloped portion of the site sold off. The wetland delineation for the undeveloped portion of the site expired during this time and the wetland delineation manual changed. S&A conducted a new wetland delineation under the new requirements and worked with the agencies to reconcile significant differences between the original delineation and the new delineation. A site visit with the agencies was arranged and the new delineation was concurred with. A wetland fill permit application was prepared and submitted to DSL and the USACOE. Consultation with National Marine Fisheries Service was required because one of the streams connected to an anadromous fish bearing stream. There was also a complication due to the fact that the new owners were related to one of the partners of the original development, and the USACOE had difficulty separating the old owner from the new owners. S&A coordinated with all the agencies, wetland fill permit were obtained and the site is under construction.


Hermiston LWI – Hermiston, OR

S&A was retained by the City of Hermiston, OR to provide the Local Wetland Inventory to meet Oregon Goal 5 requirements. Offsite research was compiled and onsite verification was conducted where possible to provide the required assessment and inventory map to the Department of State Lands.  The work is currently under review by the Department and is anticipated to be published soon.


Habitat Assessment

Goering Air-Park, Alfalfa, OR.

Section 16 is a private in holding within BLM land outside Alfalfa, OR. The proposed project was to build a private airpark on the site. The site had an existing airstrip, hanger and house. The site was with an area mapped as critical wintering habitat for deer. S&A assessed the habitat for deer and other wildlife species as part of a land use application.


Lot 9-Kennewick, OR

S&A performed fieldwork on shrub steppe habitat located in Critical Area defined by the City of Kennewick Critical Areas Map. Data was collected on plant species, plant associations, wildlife sign and observations as well as signs of disturbance. Information was compiled to write a Critical Area Report for the proposed planned development.


Macadam Ridge, Portland, Oregon

S&A conducted a wetland delineation and natural resource assessment on a heavily forested 16.54 acre site within the City of Portland. A delineation report was prepared and concurrence was issued by DSL. The entire site is mapped within an Environmental Conservation Zone as mapped by the City of Portland. Development is proposed within the resource and an application was prepared to address criteria for Environmental Review. S&A has worked with the applicant, engineers and City staff to meet City requirements.


Benton Woods Offsite Waterline, Benton County, Oregon

Benton Woods subdivision in Albany, Oregon needed to loop the water system as a condition of the City of Albany permit, and extend the sewer as they extend the upper phase of the development. The area consisted of platted lots and roads. The breeding bird survey was conducted only for the platted Sunny Lane Road, which had trees that needed to be cleared where the water system was to be installed. A breeding bird survey was conducted with the objective to present the current presence and status of any nesting birds within the proposed construction area to minimize impacts. Research, outreach, surveying, compiling and preparing a report with recommendations was done, enabling the client to minimize impacts.


Frances St Sage Built Homes – Hillsboro, OR

A delineation and natural resource assessment was conducted on the approximately 2 acre site in Hillsboro. A delineation was prepared and concurred with by DSL. An application for Clean Water Services was prepared including proposed Vegetated Corridor conditions and mitigation for impacts from the development. A service provider letter was issued. The property was also mapped as a Level 3 Resource by the City of Hillsboro. A Significant Natural Resource Permit application (SNRP) was submitted including proposed mitigation for impacts and the permit was issued by the City.


Tanner Ridge Development at Rosemont Road – West Linn, OR

A delineation and natural resource assessment for the City of West Linn were performed on the 16 acre property which included wetlands, waters and mapped Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) and Water Resource Area (WRA). The delineation report was concurred with by DSL. An HCA boundary change was approved by the City of West Linn along with proposed buffer enhancement and mitigation.