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Schott & Associates, Inc. - Staff

Schott & Associates seasoned employees bring a vast level of experience. With over fifteen years of experience and an average of over one hundred and fifty environmental projects yearly, the staff at Schott and Associates, Inc. is poised to meet a variety of needs for a wide range of customers.


MARTIN R. SCHOTT, Ph.D., PWS – Principal Scientist/President

Dr. Schott is a wetland specialist/ ecologist/botanist/range and wildlife scientist with 30 plus years of project experience, including: wetland delineation, mitigation planning, permitting, construction monitoring and mitigation monitoring; threatened and endangered species surveys; botanical surveys; range management; wildlife habitat assessments and expert testimony. He is familiar with NEPA, CEQA, SEPA, and has worked on environmental check-lists, environmental assessments, biological assessments and environmental impact statements. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including; electrical facilities, wind farms, general aviation airports, sewer lines, mining, highways, light rail, destination resorts, housing developments, shopping centers, reservoirs, hydroelectric dams, range and wildlife management plans throughout the west.


JUNIPER TAGLIABUE – Senior Scientist

Juniper is a senior scientist with over 11 years of project experience conducting wetland delineations, removal-fill permitting, wetland mitigation plans and functional assessments. She has expertise in numerous local land use regulations including Clean Water Services, Water Environmental Services, Washington County and the City of Portland and works to provide a bridge between clients and the complex regulatory processes. She conducts natural resources assessments and permit applications for local jurisdictions, threatened and endangered species surveys, wildlife habitat assessments and biological assessments (BA). She has previous experience conducting wildlife and habitat surveys including amphibians, birds and small mammals. She has completed the River Restoration Certification through Portland State University’s Environmental Professional Program.


CARI CRAMER – Senior Scientist

Cari joined Schott & Associates in 2006. She is the mitigation specialist and is responsible for monitoring dozens of wetland and riparian/upland mitigation projects to meet DSL, Corps and local agency requirements. In her 10 years with the company she has conducted numerous projects to include: wetland determinations, wetland delineations, natural resource assessments for local jurisdictions as well as numerous mitigation monitoring projects. She has an Applied Science degree in Landscape Technology from Portland Community College and a two year landscaping design certification. Cari has completed a wide variety of certified training to include wetland delineations, advanced wetland soils, hydrology and plants of the Pacific Northwest at Portland State University.


JODI REED – Junior Scientist

Jodi joined Schott & Associates in March 2014. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Fisheries and Wildlife. Jodi has over 4 years experience conducting a variety of wildlife surveys for; spotted owls, great gray owls, woodpeckers, and various other bird species prior to joining Schott & Associates. She inventoried habitat for "Survey and Manage", and special status species. Survey and Manage are a set of standards and guidelines used by the Forest Service and BLM. Vegetative work included monitoring and collection of bitterbrush, mountain mahogany, and juniper. The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was used to construct and edit maps. Since joining Schott & Associates she has worked on over 60 projects which involve wetland delineation, wetland monitoring, wildlife habitat assessments and bird surveys.