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Schott & Associates, Inc. - Staff

Schott & Associates seasoned employees bring a vast level of experience. With over fifteen years of experience and an average of over one hundred and fifty environmental projects yearly, the staff at Schott and Associates, Inc. is poised to meet a variety of needs for a wide range of customers.

Photo of Jodi Forgione with Owl

JODI FORGIONE-Principle- Wetland Ecologist & Wildlife Biologist

Jodi joined Schott & Associates in 2014 and acquired the business in 2020. Jodi received her Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Fisheries and Wildlife and has experience conducting a variety of wildlife surveys for habitat and population data. She inventoried habitat for “Survey and Manage,” and special status species. Survey and Manage are a set of standards and guidelines used by the Forest Service and BLM. Vegetative work included monitoring and collection of seeds for habitat planting. Since joining S&A, she has worked on hundreds of projects which involve conducting wildlife surveys, habitat and natural resource assessments, wetland delineation, wetland monitoring, functional assessments and permitting. Jodi is efficient at following protocols to meet local, state, and federal standards and deadlines.

In her off time, Jodi enjoys spending her time with her horse and family.

Photo of Kim Biafora

KIM BIAFORA–Wetland Ecologist & GIS Analyst

Kim joined Schott & Associates in April 2018. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University in Environmental Science and Management. Kim contributes 10 years of experience in wetland delineation, permitting, field data collection and analysis, and GIS applications to the company. Kim has worked largely in the lower Columbia River region and has a foundation in Pacific Northwest ecology with expertise in lowland and montane rainforest, and tidal estuarine and freshwater wetland habitats. She is versed in a variety of ecological survey and data analysis methods and proficient in research and production of technical reports and documents. Kim utilizes GIS and other remote sensing applications for the purposes of data creation and analysis, landscape and hydrological modeling, and the creation of cartographic products in support of technical documents and to inform project planning, design, and communication.

When Kim isn’t at her day job, she runs a small, diversified family farm and enjoys backpacking, swing dancing, and jazz music.

Photo of Juniper Tagliabue

JUNIPER TAGLIABUE – Wetland Ecologist

Juniper is a senior wetland scientist with over 15 years of project experience conducting wetland delineations, removal-fill permitting, wetland mitigation plans and functional assessments. She has expertise in numerous local land use regulations including Clean Water Services, Water Environmental Services, Washington County and the City of Portland and works to provide a bridge between clients and the complex regulatory processes. She conducts natural resources assessments and permit applications for local jurisdictions, threatened and endangered species surveys, wildlife habitat assessments and biological assessments (BA). She has previous experience conducting wildlife and habitat surveys including amphibians, birds, and small mammals. She completed the River Restoration Certification through Portland State University’s Environmental Professional Program and has a strong interest in ecosystem restoration.

Juniper enjoys exploring and observing the natural world, as well as spending time with her family.

Photo of Martin Schott

MARTIN R. SCHOTT, Ph.D., PWS.,-Senior Advisor

Schott & Associates was founded by Dr. Martin Schott in 1993. Dr. Schott is a wetland specialist/plant ecologist/botanist/range scientist with 30 plus years of project experience including wetland delineation, mitigation, and permitting (including vernal pools); construction monitoring and mitigation site monitoring; threatened and endangered species surveys; botanical surveys; range and wildlife management planning; and expert testimony. He is familiar with state and federal regulatory frameworks including Oregon Removal-Fill regulation, CWA, NEPA, CEQA, SEPA, and has completed wetland permitting, environmental check-lists, environmental assessments, biological assessments and environmental impact statements. He is has worked on a wide range of projects including electrical facilities, wind farms, general aviation airports, sewer lines, mining operations, highways, light rail, destination resorts, housing developments, shopping centers, water storage reservoirs, hydroelectric dams, throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and much of the southwest.

Martin occasionally works for Schott & Associates in a field support capacity. Martin is enjoying his retirement by spending his time hunting, fishing and maintaining his small farm.